Thursday, August 10, 2017

Free toothpaste @ CVS until 8/12/17

Head over to CVS this week for free toothpaste! Saturday 8/12/17 is the last day of this deal so don't miss out. Here's the deal:

 $3.00 : Buy any 1 Colgate toothpaste, look at yellow tags to see which ones are on sale
-$2.50 : Coupon from scanning CVS card at red coupon machine
-$0.50 : Manufacturer's coupon online here
 $0.00 = Free toothpaste!

*Of note, you still have to pay tax so make sure do have at least thirty something cents on you.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Free Contact Lens Solution

Sign up now for a free trial of Peroxi Clear contact lens solution now. You should receive a small bottle in the mail in just a few weeks. If you end up on the home page without the option to select the free sample, it'll ask you what solution you currently use. Make sure you click on Clean Clear else all you get is a coupon instead of a sample.


Thursday, May 26, 2016

Free Sample of PeroxiClear Solution for Contacts

Bausch+Lomb is giving away a free sample of their peroxide contact lens cleaner here. It won't be a full sized bottle like the image above but it should last you at least a week's worth of use. Try it out. Fill out the form and wait for the sample to arrive in your mail box. Limit one per household.


Free Aquafina Sparking Flavored Drink

Aquafina is giving away coupons so that you can try their new sparkling flavored drink. Just head on over here, fill out the form, and you can expect a coupon in the mail in a few weeks. Take that coupon, head to your local store, and you'll be able to get it for free if they carry it.

(You will still have to pay a $0.05 CA Cash Refund fee but it's basically free if you sell your cans back for money.)


Saturday, March 26, 2016

Free Green Mountain Keurig Cups

Do you have a Keurig machine at home? If so, here's some free coffee K-Cups. Just head over to Green Mountain to get a free sample of their K-Cup coffees. Choose from one of the flavors above. Fill out the form and you should receive it in the mail.

Watch Free Movies in Theaters

Have you heard to Gofobo before? No? Well let me tell you what it is and how to take advantage of it for some free movies/date nights/get-togethers. Gofobo is a site that manages pre-release screenings of movies so they can generate some feedback and hype for the movie before it even comes out to the general public. It's literally free. You sign up, you show up, you get in, you watch movie. You can even buy some popcorn if you want. What they get out of it just some hype and advertisement so when the movie actually opens, people will want to go and see it. Some screenings will actually pay you $10 to show up. I went and watched Last Vegas before it came out in 2013.

Too good to be true? What's the catch. The only thing is that the movies are never on a popular theater-going day = Friday, Saturday, Sunday. The movies are really only Monday-Thursdays sometime between 5pm-11pm or so. Not easy to do if you have school or work. Also, the movies are shown at specific theaters so you will have to go to them; they will not be going to you. Lastly, there are some age restrictions to the movies. For example: some must be 18+ for R movies, some require you to bring a teenagers 13-17 in order to qualify.

To use this, just go to Gofobo and put in your zip code. You can also sign up for emails that are tailored to your area. Just make sure you make note of date, time, instructions, print out the ticket, and show up early. If it gets full, you're not getting in of course. But last time I went, I went kind of late but still made it in before the movie started. It just depends how full it gets when you get there. That's it! Have fun.

Free Yogurt Voucher

Go here to elli and sign up for a free voucher for a cup of their yogurt redeemable in stores. If you don't know where to find elli yogurt, they do have a store locator here. Just enter your zip and see which stores have it near you.


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